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Your First Visit

When you visit Katić Kiropraktika i Akupunktura for the first time Dr. Katić will ask you questions regarding your health history, your work and lifestyle, as well as your main area of concern.

Following this, she will conduct a physical examination including an assessment of your spine and posture. They will assess your condition and may ask you to perform certain movements to see if the painful areas in your body are moving optimally or not. She may also perform and/or recommend other diagnostic tests to identify the problem and identify the root cause.

If no further diagnostic tests are needed, the recommended treatment will be explained and any questions you may have will be answered before beginning your first chiropractic or acupuncture treatment. 

Our Services : Services


Initial Examination                         €80
Chiropractic Treatment                 €50
Acupuncture Treatment                €50
Follow-up Assessment                 €25


Monday                  15:00 -19:00
Tuesday                  9:00 - 13:00
Wednesday            15:00 -19:00
Thursday                15:00 -19:00
Friday                      9:00 -13:00

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